The Department of Homeland Security just issued a new terrorism advisory

The US Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday issued a new terrorism advisory over the threat of homegrown extremism.

The bulletin warned of “homegrown violent extremists who could strike with little or no notice.”

It was an update to one issued in December 2015 that was set to expire later this week. The new advisory will expire November 15.

The bulletin made note of the Orlando terror attack, in which a lone gunman who pledged allegiance to ISIS killed 49 people at an LGBTQ nightclub.

“The tragic events of Orlando several days ago reinforce this. Accordingly, increased public vigilance and awareness continue to be of utmost importance,” the bulletin said. “This bulletin has a five-month duration and will expire just before the holiday season. We will reassess the threats of terrorism at that time.”

The DHS noted that since it issued the December bulletin, its “concerns that violent extremists could be inspired to conduct attacks inside the US have not diminished.” The department also said that it did not have any “specific” or “credible” intelligence about plots to attack the US.

“As we saw in the attacks in San Bernardino, Paris, Brussels, and, most recently, Orlando, terrorists will consider a diverse and wide selection of targets for attacks,” the bulletin said.

It also mentioned concern over “terrorist use of the Internet to inspire individuals to violence or join their ranks” and “threats and violence directed at particular communities and individuals across the country, based on perceived religion, ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.”

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