A Connecticut Chef Plans To Take Advantage Of The Coming Cicada Storm

Bun Lai, a sushi restaurant owner in New Haven, is saying that instead of dreading the coming Cicada invasion, we should take advantage of all the tasty protein.

The well-known Connecticut chef is planning on cooking the cicadas for himself and possibly for select customers, The New Haven Register has learned.

“I plan to get a big freezer for them,” said Lai to The New Haven Register. “I’m going to catch a whole bunch of them and preserve them for future eating. I plan on eating a whole bunch of them myself.”

“I’m definitely considering the possibility of including them in some thematic dinners I do,” the chef went on. “Insects are far healthier for our bodies than eating meat.”

The United Nations would agree. It released a 200-page report earlier this week saying insects could be the cure to world hunger and the food crisis.

Cicadas are already consumed in places like Thailand and China, usually deep fried with spices.

Lai, however, told The New Haven Register that he will not be deep frying the insects, and instead choosing to steam or boil them with ground herbs and spices.

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