The new 'Halloween' movie was going to kill off a main character — then creator John Carpenter stepped in

  • The director of the new “Halloween” movie, David Gordon Green, wanted to reshoot parts of the ending of the original 1978 movie and use it to open his movie.
  • It would include a scene where Dr. Loomis is killed by Michael Myers.
  • However, John Carpenter, the creator of the “Halloween” franchise who is also an executive producer on the 2018 sequel, told Green he should not do that because the “fans are gonna get pissed off.”

Fans of the “Halloween” franchise are gearing up for a big weekend, as a new sequel to the original 1978 movie is opening on Friday with critics loving its fresh take on the John Carpenter classic.

But they all might have been feeling differently about it if Carpenter had not stepped in and put a stop to director David Gordon Green’s early idea of how to open the movie.

In early drafts of the movie, Green’s “Halloween” was to open with the 1978 ending. However, Green wanted to reshoot parts of it, in which Dr. Loomis (played by Donald Pleasence) rescues Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) by shooting Michael Myers, who then falls off a balcony to the ground. However, he survives, leading to decades of sequels.

In fact, Green wanted to change it in a major way. According to Bloody Disgusting, in the revision Loomis shoots Myers, then the doctor enters the room Myers goes into and is attacked by the villain, who then kills Loomis by choking him. Strode then shoots Myers off the balcony.

The site claims to have an early draft of the script and posted the portion where Myers (aka, “The Shape”) kills Loomis:

“The Shape GRABS LOOMIS’ THROAT and throws him to the wall. Loomis drops the gun on the floor wheezing for breath. The Shape CHOKES Loomis, who struggles against the wall. 2. The Shape’s thumbs crush Loomis’ THROAT. He drops to the ground, DEAD. The Shape looks down at Loomis’ lifeless body.”

Halloween Compass International PicturesCompass International PicturesDonald Pleasence as Dr. Loomis in ‘Halloween’ (1978).

Green has said in the past that he planned to use a body double to play Loomis, as Pleasence died in 1995. There was even talk of doing a CGI double.

Thankfully for all of us, the creator of the franchise, John Carpenter, stepped in and stopped the reshoot from happening.

Carpenter is an executive producer on the new “Halloween,” and according to Collider, told Green why changing the ending of his “Halloween” would be a bad idea.

“I thought, ‘That’s a mistake. The audience won’t like that. That’s a revision I don’t think we should do.’ So that was my one big contribution,” Carpenter said. “I thought the fans are gonna get pissed off at that.”

We agree with Carpenter.

Instead, Green, who wrote the screenplay with Danny McBride, decided on opening the movie with a pair of podcasters who seek to find where Michael Myers has been since the events of the first movie. This inevitably launches Myers’ new killing spree.

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