New Greg Smith Profile Reveals His Work Habits, Family History And Where He Is Right Now

greg smith goldman sachs crop

Photo: Goldman Sachs (via New York Times)

As former Goldman Sachs employee Greg Smith’s resignation letter made its waves across Wall Street yesterday, many were trying to gather as many telling details about the derivative salesman’s past as they could.Now, DealBook has that in-depth look at Smith’s personal life and a more thorough exploration of what his actions really mean.

Here are some things we learned from the profile:

  • Smith had a list of Goldman Sachs’ business principles taped to his computer at work, according to his friends and coworkers.
  • Daniel Lipkin, a Miami lawyer who was Smith’s classmate at Stanford, said Smith sounded “confident and felt good” about the letter when they spoke Wednesday.
  • Friends of Smith said he was flying to New York Wednesday night to be with friends and family.
  • Smith is of Lithuanian Jewish descent, and from Johannesburg, South Africa. His father is a pharmacist and his mother a social worker.
  • It is possible that Smith became disillusioned with Goldman after the firm initiated an internal investigation following the ABACUS settlement with the SEC—but the resulting report only supported Goldman’s business practices and added to internal disclosure rules, people close to Smith told DealBook.

Read the whole DealBook profile here >

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