Here's what Google's next giant Android phone could look like

Huawei1and2CNETAn unreleased phone that could be the new Nexus, according to CNET.

Google is reportedly planning to release two new Nexus phones this year, and CNET just posted a photo that may show us what one of them looks like.

Previous reports have suggested that Google will launch Nexus phones in two different sizes this year: a larger 5.7-inch device and a smaller 5.2-inch phone.

It sounds like one phone will be a larger-screened device similar to the Nexus 6, while the other will be a smaller and cheaper phone that appears to be an update to the Nexus 5 Google released in 2013.

Google typically releases a new phone under its Nexus brand every year, but this could be the first time the company introduces two phones instead of one. Typically, the company releases the phone under its own branding but partners with another smartphone manufacturer to build the phone.

Last year, for example, Motorola built the Nexus 6 while HTC made the Nexus 9 tablet. This year, LG is expected to produce the smaller phone that is said to be the new version of the Nexus 5, while Chinese smartphone maker Huawei is rumoured to build the larger one.

The photos from CNET reportedly show an unreleased Huawei device, which the publication speculates could be the new Nexus phone. It’s also possible that it’s another flagship phone from Huawei, since the company has already scheduled a press conference for Sept. 2 in Berlin.

Google, however, typically waits until October to introduce its new Nexus devices and usually does so at its own press event.

The photo posted by CNET does line up with other leaks, though. French blog, which has a strong track record when it comes to reporting on unreleased smartphones, posted a video showing an unreleased Huawei phone that looks just like the one shown in CNET’s photo.

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