Google just unveiled a new Chromecast

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Google just unveiled a new version of the Chromecast, its popular device that lets you stream internet video to your TV from your phone, and Chromecast Audio, a device that can stream audio.

The new devices will be available starting Tuesday in 17 countries for $US35 each. The Chromecast comes in yellow, black, and red.

The Chromecast has a new circular design, and it comes with an HDMI cable built in. It also supports faster Wi-Fi performance, which means higher-quality audio and video and less buffering, Google says.

This is the Chromecast Audio, which kind of looks like a vinyl record.

Chromecast audio

Here’s a look at some of the other details on Google’s new Chromecasts:

  • Fast Play is said to make performance much faster. Google says it reduces app load time by as much as 80%.
  • It’s easier to play games on your phone and cast it to your TV as well. It’s smoother because the whole experience is powered by your phone.
  • There’s a new Chromecast app, too. In the What’s On section, you can see what’s trending on YouTube, games that are live streaming on ESPN, and more. It’s also easier to see all the apps on your phone that work with Chromecast within the app.
  • The New Devices tab in the new Chromecast app now has playback controls, too. So any device on your Wi-Fi network can be used as a remote control.
  • The Get Apps section of the Chromecast app has a new design. There are recommendations for content you may want to watch.
  • Search within the Chromecast app has been improved, too. You can use voice search to find a specific TV show. Once you select the show, it tells you which platforms that show is available on.
  • Chromecast Audio works with any app that works with Google’s standard Chromecast. Since Chromecast Audio streams music from the cloud, you don’t have to use Bluetooth.
  • Chromecast Audio automatically works with devices that are on your home network. There’s a guest mode, too.
  • Spotify will support Chromecast and Chromecast Audio.

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