A new 'Game of Thrones' video clip shown behind closed doors suggests Jon Snow is still alive

Jon snowHBOJon Snow died on ‘Game of Thrones,’ or maybe not?

Warning: There are spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up with “Game of Thrones.”
On Saturday, an exclusive new “Game of Thrones” teaser was shown behind closed doors at HBO’s exhibit at the SXSW trade show in Austin, Texas, and it suggests that Jon Snow will be revived from death in Season 6.

In the video clip, which press was prohibited from recording, the red priestess Melisandre says “I saw him in the flames, fighting at Winterfell” immediately an image of Jon Snow’s body flashes across the screen.

At the end of Season 5, Jon Snow was left for dead after a mutinous attack by his Night’s Watch brothers. Since then, fans have been in an inescapable debate of whether or not Jon Snow has been permanently killed off the HBO series.

While Melisandre’s use of pronouns instead of Jon Snow’s name does leave the possibility that HBO is merely continuing to troll fans about Snow’s fate — she could technically be talking about some other character fighting at Winterfell — the image of Jon Snow’s fallen body leading into her proclamation implies she is referring to Snow.

We can’t show you the video clip until HBO chooses to release it publicly, but we did manage to take a photo of the HBO exhibit where they showed off the new video clip, which was played using a levitating 3D holoplayer of sorts that made the video appear to float above the flames.

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