AMAZING New Footage Shows The Exact Moment When The Vancouver Riots Got Out Of Hand

Here’s an amazing new video (courtesy of Deadspin) taken from the middle of the post-Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver, that shows the very moments when an otherwise peaceful gathering descended into the chaos.

The first few minutes are just people (a LOT of them) quietly watching the final moments of Game 7 wind down. It was clear at this point that Vancouver was going to lose, and off in the background, things start to get a little restless.

About 2 minutes or so into the clip, off in the distance, a car is flipped over, sending smoke into the air. Crowds gather round, uncertain what to do next. A few people start throwing things and kicking the car.

Cops show up and grab one guy, but quickly realise they’re outnumbered and fade back into the night.

We’re not sure what possess people to pose for pictures in front of a flipped car (that they didn’t flip), but more people emerge from the crowd, each one more brave than the last. They get closer and closer until a few decide to climb on the car.

Then at about 6:20 mark, all hell breaks loose. Someday this video may be shown in political science or sociology classes that are trying to dissect the nature of crowds.

(By the way, these were not sneaky anarchists posing as hockey fans. This was stupid kids, made stupider by the law of the mob. It happens.)

Oh, and in case you missed it, here’s another video of the riots from later that night, that stars the famous kissing couple. You can see the pair get knocked over by riot police, who inured the young woman, which jibes with what they told the media.

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