F-18 Crash Video Takes You Closer Than You Ever Wanted To Be To A Downed Hornet

Newly released surveillance camera footage shows intimate details of the F-18A crash in Virginia Veach we covered back in April.

The footage comes out of WTKR Norfolk, a local news affiliate.

Aside from the astounding two frames of footage that caught the doomed jet, the most interesting part is the reaction of the local people. Some gather, some flee, and still others actually approach the crash.

The U.S. has seen a rash of domestic military air accidents in the last few years. Luckily, this one resulted in no casualties — the firemen even refer to it as “the good Friday miracle.”

There’s a commercial in the beginning of the video, and normally we wouldn’t subject our readers to that, but the video is definitely worth watching.

The video is an actual news report, so we’ll break it down here for the most incredible moments:

— The jet first flashes by at 32 seconds

— At one minute, the video breaks down to reveal the two frames of footage that caught the jet

— At 1:15, a reflection off a truck shows the resulting explosion of the crash

—1:34, people come flooding out of their homes to see what all the racket was

— 1:42, a man creeps into the hole the plane made in apartment buildings and a mother flees with her children

— 1:50, firefighters and policemen arrive

— 1:56, clearly visible is the growing fire resulting from spilled jet fuel