New Footage Emerges Of Costa Concordia Staff Telling Passengers To Return To Rooms — Even Though The Ship Is Sinking

Yet more damning footage from the Costa Concordia here.

Video shown on Italian television clearly shows the passengers being ordered to return to their rooms — 40 minutes after the ship struck ground and began taking on water.

The footage was shot at 10.22pm on Friday night, the Times of London reports.

The Times translates:

“I’m speaking to you in the name of the captain. We kindly ask you to return to your cabins, or go for a walk in the hall, if you like,” she says, telling them that there is an electrical problem with the generator that is being fixed.

“Everything will be fine. If you want to stand here, it’s fine,” she adds. “But I’m asking you, kindly, to go back to your rooms, where you can sit down and relax. Everything is under control.”