News App Flipboard Released A Big Update Today

Flipboard tour Mike McCueFlipboard CEO Mike McCue

Flipboard is one of the go-to apps for following interesting news items.

An update to the company’s app now lets users create their own “magazines” to save and share stories with friends.

Let’s dive in.

Tap the icon to start the app.

Tap on the topics that interest you. Flipboard will gather news related to these topics for you.

The app instantly builds a collection of news stories for you. If you want to take full advantage of Flipboard, though, you should make an account.

You can save stories to be read later by tapping on the plus sign.

If you want to take advantage of this feature, you'll have to create an account first.

Fill out the requisite information.

Let's add another story to our magazine now that we've created one.

We can add it to our pre-existing magazine or create a new one from scratch.

To access our magazines of saved stories, tap on your username in the bottom-right.

Tap on your username one more time.

And you're looking at your magazine of saved stories.

Flip through and read them!

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