Tobacco Stocks Fall As Investors See Those Horrific New Warning Labels

cigarette warning

Photo: FDA

Original post: Get ready to be disgusted the next time you go buy a pack of cigarettes.The FDA, at least, is hoping that you’ll feel so revolted, you’ll think twice about lighting up after seeing the new warning labels they just selected for cigarettes.

We’re sceptical since it’s not like people don’t know the dangers (by this point), but maybe at the margins someone will be discouraged.

The labels go into effect of September of next year, so you still have a little while to buy packs without feeling too guilty.

Update: At seems, at least, investors are jolted. The tobacco sub-sector is down, while the broader sector is staging a huge rally. Phillip Morris is off 1.43% and Lorillard is down 0.44%. Altria is up a little, as is Reynolds America, though both are lagging the major indices.

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