Here's What The Futuristic, $US1.2 Billion Atlanta Falcons Stadium Will Look Like

The designs and budget for the new $US1.2 billion Atlanta Falcons football stadium were approved by the Georgia World Congress Center this week.

The building looks like a piece of metal origami.

Taxpayers are on the hook for $US200 million, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.The team and the league will pay $US1 billion.

The stadium looks great. It’s not one of those vintage-revival stadiums we’ve seen in recent years. It’s a spaceship.

The stadium from above.

The side profile.

Like other new stadiums, it has a dynamic light system. It can be blue.

And it can be red.

The video board will ring the hole in the roof.

One end of the stadium will have a large glass window.

The main concourse

The upper deck concession area behind the end zone.

Another look at the field.

The food stands.

The stadium compared to some other structures.

Here it is set up for soccer.

Fans will be covered from the elements.

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