New Facebook Metrics Show What Users Really Like – And It’s Not Scrabble

So now that EA (ERTS) and Hasbro have killed off Scrabulous, and released their official version of Scrabble on Facebook, how’s their version doing?

Not too bad, according to Facebook’s list of most used apps: As of this morning, Scrabble was the 46th most-popular app on the site – not bad for something that’s only been out for a month.

Wait. Scratch that. As of this afternoon, (you’ll need to click on “most active users”) Scrabble is now the 204th-most popular app. What happened? Why did users abandon the app in a matter of a few hours?

Turns out users didn’t do anything different. Facebook just started counting them differently. Instead of counting daily active users, it’s now counting monthly active users. This is bad for Scrabble’s ranking, but good for Facebook in general.

Why? Because daily actives really only measures people who are really addicted to a given app — loyal people who come back every day. Monthly actives gives a better view of how the general Facebook population interacts with applications. And outside of a loyal contingent of Scrabble users, the rest of the network doesn’t really like EA’s version. Consolation for Scrabble’s owners: Their app is now doing better than Wordscraper – the new Scrabble knock-off by the two brothers who brought us Scrabulous.

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