New Evidence: George Zimmerman Has Family Roots In Law Enforcement

robert zimmermanRobert Zimmerman

Photo: NBC Miami

In his application for the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office’s training academy, in which he admits he was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer, George Zimmerman shed some light on his family.In his application, Zimmerman claims his father is a retired magistrate judge for the supreme court of Virginia. He also claims his mother was a deputy clerk of the court for more than 20 years.

“I hold law enforcement officers in the highest regard as I hope to one day become one,” Zimmerman wrote in his application.

ABC Action News was the first to report the information about Zimmerman’s father when it obtained his sheriff’s application back in March.

“Robert J. Zimmerman served as a full-time magistrate from 2000-2006. Please be advised that in Virginia magistrates are judicial officers, but they are not considered ‘judges’ and do not possess trial jurisdiction,”  Virginia’s Department of Legislative and Public Relations told ABC Action News.

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