Check out the New England Patriots' Boeing 767 private jet that flew the team to Super Bowl LIII

  • The New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will go head-to-head on Sunday in Super Bowl LIII in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • The Patriots arrived on board one of the team’s private jets.
  • The teams owns two ex-American AirlinesBoeing 767-300ER airliners.
  • Both planes were delivered to American in 1991 and were retired from commercial service by the airline in early 2016.
  • The Rams arrived in Atlanta on board a chartered American Airlines jet.

On Sunday, the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will meet in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII. The Rams flew to Atlanta on board a chartered American Airlines jet.

The New England Patriots, on the other hand, flew in on board its private jets complete with the team’s Lombardi Trophies painted on the tail.

In 2017, the Patriots took delivery of two Boeing 767-300ERs for use as team planes. One serves as the primary jet while the other one will act as the backup.

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For the Patriots, the 767s, known affectionately as AirKrafts in reference to team owner Bob Kraft, makes a tremendous amount of sense. With major airlines moving away from private charters in favour of more profitable passenger operations, professional sports teams have been scrambling to find large jets to get them to their away games.

According to, the two 767s, N366AA and N39367, were both delivered to American Airlines in 1991 and retired in early 2016. Both planes are powered by General Electric CF6 turbofan engines. Flight Global’s metrics show that each of the 27-year-old planes is worth around $US5.5 million on the open market. The team did not disclose how much it spent to refurbish their interior accommodations.

Here’s a closer look at the Patriots’ new Boeing 767-300ER AirKrafts.

Last week, the New England Patriot arrived in Atlanta on board one of its team 767-300ERs.

Here is Tom Brady stepping off the jet in the ATL.

Let’s take a closer look.

It’s decorated with the team’s logo and…

…The team’s five Lombardi Trophies.

With a range of roughly 6,500 miles, the 767 will take the team just about anywhere it wants to go.

Both planes are actually based in Providence, Rhode Island.

Let’s take a look inside!

Walk up the air stairs and…

… You’ll be greeted by the plane’s crew.

The 767’s cabin is actually set up for functionality instead of pure luxury.

In commercial service with American Airlines, the 767-300ERs were configured to hold roughly 220 passengers. With the Pats, that number will be far lower.

According to the team, the plane is outfitted with seats equivalent to those found in a domestic first class cabin, but with an extra five inches of legroom.

Each seat is also equipped with its own personal in-flight entertainment system.

Check out a video tour of the plane below:

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