The New England Patriots’ One Glaring Weakness Is Disappearing Before Our Eyes

new england patriots devin mccourty

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The Patriots are now 10-3 after mauling the Texans 42-14 last night, and look like the clear AFC favourites with Baltimore, Houston, and Pittsburgh all stumbling.The scariest part of the Pats’ seven-game win streak: Their only weakness, pass defence, is disappearing before our eyes.

Since New England started Aqib Talib — the troubled Bucs cornerback who they traded for out of desperation in early November — against the Colts in Week 11, their defensive numbers have improved across the board.

  • Points per game: 18.5 (last 4 games) vs. 22.3 (first 9 games)
  • Yards allowed per game: 363.2 vs. 382.1
  • Passing yards allowed per game: 253.5 vs. 285
  • Passes of 20+ yards: 46 vs. 17

Last night’s game against a Texans team that came in averaging 28 points per game was easily the team’s best defensive performance.

A month ago New England was good at everything except passing defence. In fact, their secondary was probably the worst single unit out of any contending team.

But now that weakness is significantly less glaring than it used to be, and it should make the rest of the league terrified.