Here are all 157 new emojis coming to smartphones later this year

  • The Unicode Consortium has approved 157 new emojis.
  • The new emojis will be arriving on smartphones later this year.
  • Redheads, a llama, a Petri dish, and a pleading face are among the new symbols.

It’s official: we’re getting 157 new emoji later this year.

Unicode, the consortium responsible for choosing the new emojis across all platforms, approved the new emojis this week after working on them for several months. The list of new emojis includes redheads, a peacock, a pirate flag, and a lacrosse stick.

There are 157 individual emojis, but that includes all six skin tones of each applicable character. With the new class of emojis – known as Emoji 11.0 – the total number of emojis will be 2,823, according to Emojipedia’s Jeremy Burge.

While we most likely won’t get the new emoji until next fall, Burge has rendered the new emojis in an “Apple-like style” so we can see what they will eventually look like in iMessage.

Burge also created this helpful video of all the new characters, which breaks down each individual character in less than three minutes.

Meet all 157 new emojis coming to our smartphones in 2018:

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