You're Getting 250 Brand New Emoji -- Here Are 22 We Wish Existed

Earlier this month, The Verge reported that “Unicode, an industry standard that regulates the presentation of text across different software platforms,updated to include 250 new emoji.

Everyone was very excited about the news, especially because there are a few emoji added to the roster that we always felt were missing — a middle finger, for instance!

The “official” emojipedia has a list of what’s being added, but they missed some pretty important images we think should already be in exi stance, like a bottle of tequila.

Out of the 250 emoji being added, we’ve created 21 emoji of our own that will hopefully be considered for the next update.

A Virgin Galactic spaceship (of course) when something happens that's out of this world.


Guy with glasses for the Warby Parker-wearing friends in your life.

And who wouldn't want the shrug (¯_(ツ)_/¯) emoji?

A unicorn.

Seriously, how do we not have a cheese plate yet?!

Starbucks forever.

And of course, a sandwich...

...and a burrito.

Please add a menorah next holiday season.

And maybe some absinthe for the crazier nights.

How else would anyone depict a selfie?

Kale. That's all.

Cupcakes are necessary.

Emoji should be more diverse.

That's actually something they're trying to bring in the new set of 250 emoji.

A microwave? Why not.

Memes everywhere. Bitcoin would be great.

So would doge. (Wow.)

A dinosaur.

A lobster would be a seasonal addition.

And who doesn't love Katy Perry sunglasses?

Do you know how to use emoji properly? You probably need a crash course. Check out 18 emoji meanings you probably aren't using correctly.

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