Now The California Treasury Secretary's Wife Says Her Husband Hooked Her On Drugs

nadia lockyer

Photo: Alameda County

The soapy saga surrounding California Treasurer Bill Lockyer and his young wife, Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer, took another bizarre twist last week, when a San Jose Mercury News reporter received a distressed email from Mrs. Lockyer’s personal account claiming her husband had hooked her on drugs. According to the Mercury News, the email also said that she could not bear the harassment and torture of former boyfriend, Stephen Chikhani, whom Mrs. Lockyer met in rehab last year and accused of beating her in a motel room in February. Chikhani and Mrs. Lockyer are reportedly the subject of a sex tape that Chikhani has threatened to make public.  

Here’s an excerpt from Nadia Lockyer’s email, via the Mercury News:

“I cannot bear the torture of Steve Chikhani’s harassment in my life any longer. My son has suffered far too much and his harassment is now unbearable. I am the victim of a violent crime — yet he is still free and we suffer. My husband has refused to allow our personal funds be used for a private investigator. Bill bought and gave me drugs years before meeting Steve, then called me crazy when I sought help, thus, I had to take matters into my own hands and was set up by Steve. I simply can’t bear this any longer. Goodbye to everyone.”

The newspaper’s editors were understandably alarmed by the email, and called the police, who found Mrs. Lockyer safe at home. She denied sending the email and claimed that Chikhani had “hacked” her account.

However, Mrs. Lockyer later told the Mercury News reporter that she had written a draft of the email, but that “everything in regards to my husband was all added.”

A spokeswoman for Chikhani denied the claim, and said that her client is in rehab and must request Internet access. 

The incident is the latest development in a saga that has captivated the California political community, and threatened to embarrass Bill Lockyer, a 70-year-old Democrat whose storied career also includes a recent stint as state attorney general.

A spokesman for Lockyer denied that the Treasurer ever supplied his wife with drugs, telling the Mercury News that the accusations were “completely, totally, utterly false.”

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