Kanye West made a video game about his dead mother exploring heaven

Kanye West is an amazing rapper and an ok fashion designer. Soon we’ll find out if ‘Ye is any good at making video games. 

“The Life of Pablo” artist has been working on a video game about his mother, Donda West, travelling through the gates of heaven. Donda West died in 2007 due to complications from elective surgery, and Kanye has expressed the pain of her loss in his art before, including in his 2015 single featuring Paul McCartney, “Only One.”

Kanye first shared video of the game, also titled “Only One,” in February when he premiered his latest album at Madison Square Garden, but an official trailer dropped today at the annual video game conference E3.

The trailer shows Donda ascending into the clouds, riding a majestic Pegasus, and sprouting wings before heading even higher. 

A version of his song “Only One” plays in the background. 

Kanye is working with
Encyclopedia Pictura, an animation company that’s worked with musicians and artists in the past, to create the game. He’s been working on the game for almost two years now.

It’s unclear what the goal of the game will be or what the gameplay is going to be like in the final game.

‘Ye first mentioned “Only One” in February of last year during a radio interview on “The Breakfast Club,” where he recounted his difficulty finding people to help him make the game. According to Kanye, Silicon Valley types made fun of him.

“I go out and meet with everybody in San Fran, and they will diss the f— out of me. And I’ll be like, ‘I wanna make a game,’ and they will be like, ‘f— you.’ That was hard to do, bro!”

The release date for “Only One” hasn’t been announced yet. 

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