Taco Bell Hints At A New Doritos Locos Taco flavour

taco bell cool ranch doritos locos taco

Business is booming at Taco Bell thanks to the Doritos Locos taco. 

Now, the brand is hinting that a new flavour could be imminent. 

Taco Bell tweeted the word “soon” with an accompanying Vine video that reads “new DLT.” 

The new flavour is expected to be called “Flamas,” a spicy taco shell with a chilli-lime twist, Nation’s Restaurant News reported. 

The brand is also launching a new double-steak quesadilla, according to NRN. The brand has focused on improving its beef. 

Taco Bell has sold more than 450 million Doritos Locos Tacos in the past year. Current flavours include Cooler Ranch and Nacho Cheese. 

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