REPORT: Jeffrey Johnson Was 'Very Mellow And Very Lonely'

empire state shooting

Photo: Instagram user paulnshapiro

This morning, scorned employee Jeffrey Johnson killed his former co-worker Steven Ercolino and injured nine other bystanders before being shot to death by police.We already know Johnson, 58, lost his job as a fashion designer for Hazan Imports Corp. about a year before the shooting.

Now, details are coming to light about the shooting suspect, courtesy of The New York Times, which interviewed Johnson’s super:

  • Johnson and Ercolino both filed harassment complaints against each other.
  • He lived on the Upper East Side, specifically East 82nd Street, for about 18 months.
  • Johnson had a very set routine. He left his apartment around 7:30 a.m. and went to his neighbourhood McDonald’s. He nearly always wore a tannish brown suit and would hang out in his apartment for most of the day.

Johnson was “very mellow and very lonely,” neighbour Gisela Casella told The Huffington Post.

He lived alone with his two cats and almost always wore a suit, HuffPost reported.

A former coworker told Women’s Wear Daily that, contrary to many reports, Johnson worked in graphics at the company. He was let go when the company began losing money.

“It wasn’t like he did anything wrong,” the source told WWD. “It was simply economics.”

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