New details have emerged about Jason Pierre-Paul's hand -- and it's worse than anyone thought

In the wake of Jason Pierre-Paul’s visit with New York Giants’ team doctors last week, new details are emerging about the specific injuries Pierre-Paul sustained in a firework accident on July 4.

According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano, Pierre-Paul is not only missing his entire right index finger, he is also missing part of his right thumb.

Graziano broke this news on ESPN. Said Graziano:

“He’s missing the tip of his thumb. It was presented to me as not a significant portion of the thumb … he also had a procedure done on his middle finger, a repair procedure done on his middle finger as recently as three days before he met with Giants team doctors last week.”


The newest details of the status of Pierre-Paul’s injury follow reports this past weekend that the Giants defensive end’s injuries were more serious than previously thought and have prevented him from working out and subsequently caused him to lose serious weight. Graziano also speculated that Pierre-Paul will miss the entire season. This could cost him as much as $US14.8 million, the amount he’d have earned this season under the Giants’ franchise tag.

Last month, the New York Daily news leaked the first pictures of Pierre-Paul since July 4.


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