This new co-working space wants to encourage female startup founders

One Roof in Melbourne

Female-only co-working space One Roof opened its doors in Melbourne today. The goal is to reduce the entrepreneurial gender imbalance.

“The reality is there is a gender gap in entrepreneurship. And our mission is very much to drive the global female entrepreneurship movement and close that gap,” OneRoof co-founder Sheree Rubinstein told Business Insider.

This isn’t the first go round for One Roof. Rubinstein and fellow co-founder Gianna Wurzl experimented with a pop-up space in Melbourne earlier this year, and then launched a permanent co-working space in Venice Beach, Los Angeles.

“Our model is we find unique, under-utilised spaces, and convert them to a co-working space for female entrepreneurs.” Rubinstein said.

OneRoof isn’t exclusively female — there are men who work for some of the companies — but the goal is to target female founders. Rubinstein talks about finding beautiful spaces, with gardens and meeting spaces, like the house they rented in Melbourne. But on top of aesthetics, OneRoof provides several services aimed at women founders, like yoga and meditation sessions, networking and problem solving sessions.

OneRoof’s garden in Los Angeles. Image: Instagram

Talking about their success in Los Angeles, Robinstein highlighted a problem-solving workshop, where they collaborated to help a woman establish a communal/commercial kitchen. Robinstein also talked about the community, and how they banded together to support one another, test products and hold each other accountable.

“Most women who come through, they say it’s non threatening, it’s not intimidating, there’s really something powerful about having mainly women in a room together. Supporting one another,” Rubinstein said.