Here Is The British High Speed Train Set To Challenge Asia's Dominance

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The British design company, Priestmangoode, has designed a new double-decker high-speed train that they pledge could be the next British transport design icon. Since the Concorde, they say, nothing has emerged in the U.K. design landscape in the transport sector that a Brit could be proud of.The train is supposed to “persuade people to travel by train”, by making train travel “as exciting as air travel and as sexy as the latest car”. Both short and long journeys will be made comfortable and relaxing, the design company assures.

The vehicle is designed to travel at 225mph and will be about 400 meters or 1,312 feet long.

The sleek aerodynamic exterior : designed for 225mph

Source: Priestmangoode via

A first-class lounge with incorporated entertainment and a 180-degree view, thanks to wide windows

Source: Priestmangoode via

The regular commuter seats have luggage space, an abundance of light, and personal berths for small groups

Source: Priestmangoode via

The nose of the train will be one of the most extreme in the world - an absolute necessity for speed.

Source: Priestmangoode via

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