Big Frightening Picture Of Hurricane Irene From Space


Update: Here’s a NASA picture of Irene (via Reformed Broker). More details below


Photo: NASA/Reformed Broker

The Weather Channel makes it very clear the threat from Irene is serious.The U.S. Navy is moving its ships out of Virginia waters and FEMA is making their first announcements preparing the Mid-Atlantic for Irene’s arrival.

The New York Times says millions are at risk if current computer models hold true and the Mayor’s office released NYC evacuation maps.

Mayor Bloomberg tells reporters the city will offer “an enormous shelter system” and decide tomorrow whether to evacuate portions of the city.

Our projected path map below continues to paint an ominous picture by pointing Hurricane Irene right in the direction of the East Coast this weekend. The latest computer model guidance confirms this threat and the first hurricane watches have been issued for the United States. The potential is real for the strongest hurricane hit on the Northeast in at least a couple decades this weekend!

IreneNortheast path

Photo: Weather Channel


Weather Channel

Wind threat

IreneWind and rain intensity

Photo: Weather Channel


IrenePossilbe New York storm surge perimeter

Photo: Weather Channel

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