Here Are All The Crazy New College Football Uniforms For This Season

The Oregon football team has become well-known for its crazy uniforms in recent years. Other schools are now following in the Ducks’ footsteps and have introduced their own wild uniforms and helmets.

Not only do the uniforms give fans more options when they are purchasing their own gear, but the flashy uniforms are also being used to lure the nation’s top high school football players.

On the next few pages we will take a closer look at the craziest new uniforms that will be seen on football fields this fall.

Tennessee has introduced a 'Smokey Grey' alternate uniform.

Texas will have numbers above the Longhorns logo for the season opener. The players will then vote on whether to keep the numbers all season.

Notre Dame will wear these uniforms for their Shamrock Series game against Arizona State.

Nebraska now has a black jersey and a helmet with black trim. Nebraska's defence is called the 'Blackshirts.'

Mississippi State's new 'Egg Bowl' uniform comes with gold numbers and multiple 'Hail State' references.

Oregon will certainly have more surprises during the season, but here is the all-highlighter yellow uniform.

One surprise may be these crazy helmets which have not yet been confirmed.

Iowa State may have the coolest throwbacks this season, which are modelled after their 1920s uniforms.

Several teams are following in the steps of Oregon and now have a chrome helmet, including Tulsa.

Baylor is another school that now has a chrome helmet.

Baylor is also on the bandwagon for the other new college football fad, matte helmets. The Bears have two, a black matte and a green matte.

Baylor is turning into the Oregon of the South, with seemingly endless possible uniform combinations

The key these days is variety. Nevada now has six different uniform combinations.

Several teams have so many options that they plan ahead in order to coordinate with fans.

This season's craziest new uniform may belong to Texas Christian University

Here is a closer look at their helmet.

West Virginia now has a new white helmet.

North Carolina, who was using navy blue in recent years, is now leaning heavily on black as a main colour.

Oregon State has a new logo and a new all-orange uniform.

Here is another look at the Oregon State helmets.

Wisconsin now has a red helmet with two white stripes.

Kansas is another school with numerous football helmets to choose from.

As well as Houston

Arizona now has jerseys with multi-coloured numbers.

And here is a look at Arizona's different uniform combinations.

Northwestern has added a new white helmet.

UConn is another school with a bizarre new helmet.

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