Amazing Chevy Ads Will Make You Fall In Love Again (And Remember What's Wrong With The American Car Industry)

Chevy ad

Chevy recently unveiled a horrible new national slogan: “Chevy runs deep.”  Jalopnik calls it the worst slogan ever.

In its home city of Detroit, however, Chevy has apparently been producing some amazing billboards that will make people fall in love with Chevy cars all over again.

Unfortunately, the ads also reveal part of what’s wrong with the American car industry: The need to look back to find an era when American cars were innovative, slick, and amazingly cool.

Indeed, when looking at these ads, one wonders why Chevy can’t make iconic cars like this today. It seems hard to believe that the company will be able to feature, say, the Cruz, in “classic” photos half a century from now.

Brian Teeter sent us these ads and says that they’re all over Detroit (true?). If they aren’t, they probably should be. (Note: John Rosevear of Motley Fool says these ads aren’t new but part of a campaign that runs every year).

Sadly, Chevy's new national slogan is the worst ever...

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