TOPEKA: The 'iPhone Mini' Launch Is 'Imminent'

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Apple analyst Brian White at Topeka Capital says a low-cost iPhone launch is “imminent” and could be out this July.

White is currently at Computex, a PC industry trade show in Taiwan. He says spotted an “iPhone Mini” accessory at the show. He’s calling the low-cost iPhone the iPhone Mini, even though he expects it to be roughly the same size as the iPhone 5.

“Essentially, the ‘iPhone mini’ body is slightly thicker than the iPhone 5 and the four corners have a more tapered rounding, the edges are less defined but the length is identical (including a four-inch display),” says White. “Also, as we indicated earlier this week, the ‘iPhone mini’ is expected to come in five colours (i.e., white, black, pink, blue and yellow) and the back will be made of plastic.”

White predicts the low-cost iPhone isn’t going to be cheap. He’s calling for a $350-$400 price point, which would make it a mid-tier smartphone. For some context on iPhone pricing, last quarter Apple reported an average selling price of $613 for the iPhone. That includes iPhone 5s, iPhone 4Ss, and iPhone 4s. The iPhone 5 is probably $650 or more.

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