New Video Of Charlie Hebdo Shooting Shows How Calm And Well-Organised The Killers Were

Charlie HebdoYouTubeOne of the brothers raises his fist as he shouts religious slogans.

A new video of the shooters who killed 12 people in a terrorist attack on the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo shows the gunmen calmly stopping in the street after the massacre to reload their weapons and shout Islamic slogans to an empty neighbourhood. We first saw the video on Sky News.

The video suggests the killers were well organised, had a plan, and were confident of their success and escape. They pause to yell “We have avenged the Prophet Muhammad!” before driving on.

It also shows that a Paris police car, which ostensibly could have trapped them at the scene by blocking the street, was outgunned by the terrorists who fired on them from their moving vehicle, forcing the police to retreat.

The video was shot on a mobile phone by terrified witnesses cowering on a roof above the scene. They speak French, and at one point say they cannot believe their eyes, that the bullets can’t be real. It becomes obvious that the bullets are real when the police car slams into reverse as the two killers, brothers Said and Cherif Kouachi, advance on them.

Here is the video. It does not show any blood or killing, but it does show scenes of shooting and violence from two men who have just killed an office full of cartoonists. As such, be warned — it is disturbing.

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