New Canyon Ranch iPad Apps Put Personal Feng Shui At Your Fingertips


Photo: Dmap Travel Guide via Flickr

Who hasn’t dreamt at some point about getting away from the stress and grind of daily life and rejuvenating at a spa for the weekend?Or, with the best of intentions, made a “get healthy” resolution that wasn’t quite realised or maintained?

Unfortunately the pressures of a 60-hour work week and life’s obligations can keep us trudging along in the same daily routine where exercising and eating healthy take a back seat in the whirlwind.

Canyon Ranch recognises the challenges we face and has recently launched some iPad apps to help out.

In their first foray into the app space, Canyon Ranch is bringing their signature approach to fitness, health and nutrition to your fingertips, in easy to use videos and tips. Designed for everyday use — at home, at the office, or on the road — the iPad apps help you stay fit and healthy of mind and body in manageable, short sound bites and videos that are easy to incorporate into your life, no matter where you are.

Two Canon Ranch iPad apps have launched and are available in the iTunes store and a third is on its way in a few weeks. Each is $3.99 and focuses on one or more aspect of the Canyon Ranch holistic approach to personal Feng Shui. Overall the apps are easy to use, have a clean look and make searching, saving and sharing your favourite articles and videos via email and Facebook a breeze.

1. Everyday Fitness: Having a hard time fitting the gym into your hectic day? Canyon Ranch eliminates the stress with the Everyday Fitness iPad app designed to help you reach your fitness goals anytime, anywhere. Targeted to increase flexibility, strength and improve posture, the 79 videos and 25 articles provide tips and visual instruction on yoga, Pilates and fitness exercises that can be done virtually anywhere and by anyone, with minimal to no extra equipment and without a commute to the gym. Do as much or as little as you have time for and save your favourites so they’re easy to find later and to help customise a workout that fits your schedule.

2. 360 Well Being: As the embodiment of the Canyon Ranch holistic approach, the 360 Well Being iPad app incorporates videos, meditations and tips for maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. Import your iTunes music library for a complete zen experience and keep a balanced home and work lifestyle with articles on “Office Cubicle Feng Shui”, “Stay Healthy on the Road”, “Find Your Creativity” and “Five Tips for Better Sleep”.

3. Healthy Eats: To be released shortly, Healthy Eats is a wealth of information on healthy and flavorful eating and cooking. The app features a collection of favourite Canyon Ranch recipes, including nutritional values, the ability to scale the number of servings up or down, emailable shopping lists and links to other food websites and resources. Shawn Brisby, Canyon Ranch Demo Chef, charismatically turns frequently asked questions into entertaining and informative cooking technique videos. There are tons of easily digestible tips on how to choose the right foods, shop smart and rules for healthy eating wherever you go. 

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