Turns out the new Calvin Harris song isn't about Taylor Swift, but it's fun to dream

Despite early reports that the latest single from EDM star Calvin Harris was about his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, it seems that the track isn’t actually the breakup song we all so desperately wanted it to be. 

“Olé,” which is sung by English musician John Newman, was rumoured to feature lyrics calling out the “1989” singer for allegedly cheating on Harris with actor (and current boyfriend) Tom Hiddleston. The lyrics do appear on the laid-back track, but sources close to the DJ told US Weekly that they were written months before the breakup. 

Still, you can’t help but be a little bit suspicious with on-point lines like “Low-key, you won’t tell none of your friends about me.” (Some thought it was a reference to Hiddleston’s most famous role — the villainous Loki in Marvel’s “The Avengers.”)

In any case, the rumours certainly helped stir up publicity for the track.

Stream the song — the latest entry in the trend of white guys doing “Tropical House”  — via Spotify, or pick up “Olé” on iTunes.

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