New Call Of Duty Game Promotes Petraeus To Secretary Of defence

Petraeus Call of Duty

Photo: via Kotaku

According to the producers of Call of Duty Black Ops over at Activision and Treyarch, David Petraeus was bound for higher office, that being the office of the Secretary of defence.The promotion is understandable, Patraeus was largely viewed as a “boy scout” and military mastermind in the media and by the American populace — it seems only the FBI and Patraeus saw the day of his resignation coming.

Col. Oliver North makes an appearance as well, and even does his own voice acting.

Also notable in the game: The president is a woman who is not Hillary Clinton, or anyone recognisable in contemporary politics, and Barack Obama has an aircraft carrier named after him, the USS Barack Obama, which, if we’re to assume he’s still alive in the COD universe, is a great U.S. Navy honour.

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