New Bronze Audio Format: Never Play a Song the Same Way Twice

Flesh Freeze

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Thanks to digital media, music lovers can listen to the newest tune from their favourite band whenever they want, however they want.Audio files can be played in many different formats on many different devices, from iTunes on your computer to Pandora on your cell phone.

The music you love will always be instantly available to you, note for note, word for word—just how you like it.

But as a result of today’s software-driven world, you now have another, less static option for listening to your favourite tracks.

It’s called Bronze Format, a non-interactive music format that transforms every aspect of a song, each time you play it, to create a unique version on each listen.

Conceptualized by Gwilym Gold and Lexxx, and developed by Dr. Mick Grierson for Strangeloop Limited, Bronze is not meant to replace your trusty MP3s or compact discs, but is intended to begin a new creative process, one that turns a once static, final work into never-ending musical permutations.

Bronze Format

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Right now, the only music available using Bronze is Gold’s own Flesh Freeze. But other bands like Micachu, Wild Beasts and The Invisible have expressed interest in creating morphed, non-definitive tracks.

Short video of one interpretation of Flesh Freeze in Bronze

Gwilym Gold Bronze Preview from Gwilym Gold on Vimeo.

Bronze applies laws to multiple streams of sound simultaneously, generating a unique whole in real time, resulting in a completely fresh version with each new play. Currently, the Bronze Player is needed to play the Bronze format, since software is needed to manipulate the song files. But one day, if it becomes popular enough to transcend the indie rock scene, it may be incorporated into existing players like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Visit the Bronze website to find out more and try out the free Bronze download of Flesh Freeze (or download it right here). It only works in Mac OS X right now, but on June 6th it will be free for a limited time in the iTunes App Store, for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. They are currently developing a player for Android and Windows PCs.

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