This BP Ad Accidentally Features Cameo By Anti-BP Protesters

bp protesters

In its latest ad, BP’s Community Outreach organiser Iris Cross walks down the Alabama coast and tells the camera, “I’m glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy.”

Little did Cross know that that “everyone” included a group of anti-BP protesters, who were accidentally featured in the oil company’s most recent commercial effort to remind the public that it is “still working” and “still committed” to cleaning the Gulf Coast after the Deep Water Horizon Spill.

The accidental cameo was a surprise to the protesters, as well.

At the time we were Protesting BP during The 40th Annual National Shrimp Festival we had no idea that they were actually shooting a BP Commercial,” one activist wrote on the Alabama Gulf Coast Area Citizen Advisory Panel’s website. “There in Lies the irony of finding our protest in their latest commercial… The oil is still here, and so are we.”

Although the demonstrators can only be seen in the distance for two seconds, considering that BP spent almost $100 million on advertising since the oil spill, that’s quite a costly cameo.

The commercial, which first aired on December 26, was BP’s first ad since late 2010. Like the company’s other ads following the spill, this one was produced by the political strategy company Purple Strategies rather than BP’s normal ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather.

Watch the ad below. The protesters can be seen 47 seconds into the commercial.