20 New Books We Can't Wait To Read This Spring

Summer may be the season to relax with a beach read, but spring is high time for new blockbuster novels.

Amazon editors broke down the 20 most anticipated books of spring 2014.

From household author names like George R. R. Martin and Jodi Picoult to famous faces like Amy Poehler and Neil Patrick Harris, these are the 20 books everyone should look forward to.

They are listed here in order of release date.

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'The Long Way Home' by Louise Penny

When we last saw Chief Inspector Armand Gamache, he had retired to a small town in Canada. And that's where readers will find him in 'The Long Way Home' -- that is, until his neighbour Clara begs the ex-homicide detective to come out of retirement and find her missing husband.

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'Personal' by Lee Child

Retired military cop Jack Reacher is back in 'Personal,' this time working for the State Department and the CIA after the French President is assassinated. Teamed with CIA analyst Casey Nice, together they must stop the assassin before he murders another world leader at an upcoming G-8 summit.

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'Edge of Eternity' by Ken Follett

The much-anticipated finale to 'The Century Trilogy,' Follett's readers once again delve into the realm of historical fiction, this time in the 1960s through the '80s. American, German, English, Russian, and Welsh characters all struggle with Civil Rights, the Cold War, and world politics in this gripping, truly epic novel.

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'Bones Never Lie' by Kathy Reichs

Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan finds herself yet again hunting a psychopath in 'Bones Never Lie.' After evading her once, Anique Pomerleau is kidnapping and murdering girls across America, and Brennan must get her ex-partner out of exile to stop the string of murders.

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'Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She's 'Learned'' by Lena Dunham

This collection of personal essays from the creator, producer, and star of HBO's 'Girls' is funny, candid, and super-aware. 'I am not a sexpert, a psychologist, or a dietitian,' she says, 'But I am a girl with a keen interest in having it all, and what follows are hopeful dispatches from the frontlines of that struggle.'

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'The Blood of Olympus' by Rick Riordan

In the fifth book in the 'Heroes of Olympus' series, demigods face off against an army of giants in 'The Blood of Olympus.' With the gods still woefully suffering from multiple personality disorder, its up to their human offspring to prevent the awakening of the earth goddess, Gaea.

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'Leaving Time' by Jodi Picoult

Jenna has been gripped by her mother Alice's mysterious disappearance for over 10 years in 'Leaving Time.' After reading through old journal entries, she decides to team up with an eccentric psychic and the private detective who first investigated her mother's disapperance.

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'Neil Patrick Harris: Choose Your Own Autobiography' by Neil Patrick Harris

The goal behind Neil Patrick Harris's choose-your-own-adventure-style autobiography is to put the 'u' back in 'aUtobiography' (or so actor says). Readers choose everything from auditioning for Doogie Howser, M.D. to what kind of caviar to eat on Elton John's yacht in this silly, but personal story of life in Hollywood.

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'Grey Mountain' by John Grisham

A young Manhattan associate attorney is forced to leave her Wall Street law firm to work a year in small-town Brady, Virginia. But she quickly learns that the town and its law-breaking, regulation-ignoring coal mining industry could lead to violence and even death as the town battles Big Coal in 'Grey Mountain.'

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'The World of Ice & Fire: The Untold History of Westeros and the Game of Thrones' by George R.R. Martin

To understand the lavish and epic history of George R. R. Martin's fictional world, you need the author himself. Martin and the two editors of his fan site Westeros.org teamed up to bring readers full-colour artwork and maps; full family trees of Houses Stark, Lannister, and Targaryen; the history and culture of Westros; and new material Martin wrote specifically for the book.

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'Blood Magick' by Nora Roberts

Branna O'Dwyer seems to have everything she could wish for -- a healthy business in Ireland, close friends and family, and her beloved animals. But her heart longs for Finbar Burke, the love of her life that she can't be with because of the evil that has haunted their families for centuries. Can their magic and love save them after all?

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'The Slow Regard of Silent Things' by Patrick Rothfuss

Though only a short teaser book between Rothfuss's 'Kingkiller Chronicles' series, 'The Slow Regard Of Silent Things' will bring readers into the mind of the enigmatic Auri so that they can learn the things only she knows while she goes on a haunting adventure.

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'Prince Lestat' by Anne Rice

The vampire world is in crisis in Anne Rice's latest for 'The Vampire Chronicles.' A mysterious voice is forcing vampires around the world to murder vampire-mavericks, and fires are raging across the globe. It will take a group of supernaturals to identify what's controlling the massacres, with the dangerous outlaw Prince Lestat at their core.

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'Yes Please' by Amy Poehler

Just like her SNL Weekend Update co-host Tina Fey, Amy Poehler has written her own comedic autobiography 'Yes Please.' Poehler doles out truths about parenting, love, sex, and when to be funny (and when not to be). And while her life advice is not always useful, but it will certainly be hilarious.

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'Pegasus' by Danielle Steel

This historical war novel spans centuries as it tells the story of two close Bavarian families forced into tragic circumstances due to World War II and the rise of the Nazis. The von Bingens must flee to America -- taking with them the von Hemmerles' prized Lipizzaner horses -- after their Jewish ancestry is uncovered, while the von Hemmerles decide to stay behind and face unbearable decisions.

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'Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul' by Jeff Kinney

The latest instalment in the beloved Wimpy Kid series, Greg Heffley and his family go on a road trip for a hilarious and unforgettable instalment to the 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' series.

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'Revival' by Stephen King

King's most recent thriller spans five decades and focuses on the rock n' roll obsessed Jamie Morton and the small town reverend Charles Jacobs. Both men are haunted by tragic pasts and share a secret obsession, so they are naturally drawn together into a partnership as they search for answers -- and find terrifying conclusions.

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'Don't Give Up, Don't Give In: Lessons from an Extraordinary Life' by Louis Zamperini and David Rensin

The late American hero Louis Zamperini endured World War II, a plane crash, a Japanese prisoner of war camp -- and still lived to 97 years old while crashing weddings and fighting Frank Sinatra. These are his best lessons about life, never-before told stories, and his secret to living to your greatest potential.

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'Hope to Die' by James Patterson

Detective Alex Cross is being stalked and tormented by a psychotic genius who has captured his wife and children. The famous detective is forced to bargain with the madman to save his own family -- but what will he have to give up to save the people he loves the most?

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'Saint Odd' by Dean Koontz

In what could be the finale of the 'Odd Thomas' novels, Odd goes back to where it all started -- the small town of Pico Mundo, California where he once worked as a short-order cook. He has wandered the earth fighting evil spirits and communing with the dead, and now Odd must face his biggest challenge of all and deal with the 'reckoning.'

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