BlackBerry’s New Music Service Will Cost $5 Per Month, But Only Let You Store 50 Songs At A Time


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Some new details on RIM’s upcoming BBM Music service surfaced today, thanks to some digging by CrackBerry.As we wrote yesterday, RIM has reportedly signed a deal with one major label, and is in talks with two more. The streaming music service will work in conjunction with BBM on BlackBerry phones.

Here are the most important new details CrackBerry discovered:

  • The service will cost $5 per month.
  • You can only listen to 50 songs on your BlackBerry at a time. However, if one of your BBM contacts signs up for the service, you can listen to their library of 50 songs too.

  • The music service will be its own app from App World.

We find it a bit odd that you’ll only be able to keep 50 songs on your device at a time. Spotify lets you store up to 3,333 songs.

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