Barcelona's Iconic Soccer Uniforms Just Got Totally Redesigned

new barcelona soccer uniform

Photo: Nike, Inc.

You can say goodbye to Barcelona’s classic blue-and-red striped uniforms.Nike rolled out the brand spankin’ new Barca kits this morning — and they’re radically different.

The home uniform features a vertical blue-to-red colour fade.

And the away uniform has a kind of loud horizontal orange-to-yellow colour fade.

What do you think?

The blue and red striped design is replaced by a blue-to-red pattern

The crest stays the same

A colour fade almost produces a purple-looking stripe

The yellow accent on the sleeve

We kind of like the classic look better

Here's the away uniform

This one has a horizontal colour fade, with orange at the top

The red-and-blue is incorporated with an under-arm stripe

The shorts are completely yellow

Nike also produced a new warm-up jacket

The crest

The back

Oh yeah, the uniform will be made out of recycled water bottles

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