New Arrest At Vivek Kundra's Old Office


A fresh arrest this morning at ‘America’s CIO’ Vivek Kundra’s old offices in DC, as Farrukh Awan, 37, gets charged with bribery and money laundering.

Farrukh is the third to be charged in the ongoing FBI investigation. The White House briefly put Vivek — who we also recently learned once shoplifted some shirts from J.C. Penney — on suspension as the FBI continued its work. Vivek was recently reinstated when White House reps stated Vivek wasn’t a target in the bribery probe.

No such luck for 27 other staffers at Vivek’s old offices, all of whom have been booted from their jobs, despite not being criminally charged either.

Washington DC’s mayor is vowing an investigation into and overhaul of the DC tech office’s procurement practices.

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Image David Clow / Flickr

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