The Joker Returns In A New 'Arkham Origins' video game Trailer

batman arkham origins

Last night at Sony’s Playstation E3 conference, a ton of game footage was shown off. 

Among the most-anticipated was the gameplay trailer for “Arkham Origins,” the prequel game to bestseller “Arkham Asylum.”  

In addition to villains we’ve already seen, add Bane and the return of the Joker to the mix.

Normally, Mark Hamill (“Star Wars”) voices the Joker. What’s impressive is that Bioshock Infinite’s Troy Baker has taken over and you can’t tell the difference in this trailer.  


Bonus points if you knew Baker also voiced the dark knight himself in Lego’s Batman movie and Two Face in “Arkham City.” 

“Arkham Origins” comes out October 25. 

Excited for the game? Here are some screengrabs from the trailer. 

Bane will be making an appearance. (In case you weren’t sure, his name’s on the sleeve handed to him.) It looks like he’ll take an attempt on The Bat Christmas Eve.

bane arkham origins

You can get $50 million for taking out Batman. 

bane reward arkham origins

And here’s the Joker.

joker batman arkham origins

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