Apple's brand new Apple TV isn't out yet, but it's already appeared on eBay -- and people are bidding more than $1,000 for it

eBay via innodrive_distributionAn image of the Apple TV from the eBay listing.

A developer who claims to have two units of the new unreleased Apple TV is selling one of them on eBay, and the highest bid is already at $US1,025.

Apple unveiled its new Apple TV earlier this month at an event in San Francisco, and it will be available for purchase at the end of October.

Although bidders are willing to pay more than $US1,000 to get their hands on the device right now, the final product will only cost between $US149 and $US199 when it eventually goes on sale.

Following the device’s unveiling, the company launched a program in which developers could apply to get an Apple TV developer kit before the device hits stores.

The seller, who’s listed on eBay as “innodrive_distribution,” claims to be selling one of these developer kits, which 9to5Mac first spotted. The eBay listing went up on Saturday with an asking price of $US300, and since then 25 bids have been placed.

While it’s against Apple’s terms to resell the device, the developer claimed to have found a loophole by removing the software from the Apple TV. The seller claims the Apple TV should work just fine if you download Apple’s latest firmware update from its developer portal and then restore it using iTunes.

That means you need to have an Apple developer account to actually use the device, which costs $US100 per year. Here’s a look at the eBay listing:

This is the first new Apple TV the company has released since 2012. Apple has revamped the entire interface, added Siri, and created a new remote control that has a touchpad and a built-in microphone for hearing Siri requests.

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