Everything we know so far about Apple's plans to change TV

An updated model of the Apple TV was initially set for announcement back at Apple’s WWDC event in June.

But the New York Times reported before the conference that the new Apple TV wasn’t ready yet, and the announcement would be delayed.

We’re now approaching the time for Apple’s annual September event where we’re expecting to see the new Apple TV, according to John Paczkowski of BuzzFeed, along with the new iPhone.

Here are some of the most plausible rumours about the next Apple TV upgrade.

It will have a new sleeker, thinner design.

BuzzFeed reports that the new Apple TV design will be 'more polished.' That could mean that it will have a sleeker look, with a potentially thinner profile.

This is entirely likely, especially when we consider the size difference between the first Apple TV and the current model, which is a lot smaller and sleeker.

It might come with a new remote with a touchpad.

Back in May of this year, Brian X. Chen of The New York Times reported that the new Apple TV might come with a new remote with a touchpad that would give you a similar way to navigate around the Apple TV as the touchpad on a laptop.

The report suggested that the new remote will still have the two main buttons for the play/pause and menu functions, but that it would be slightly thicker than the current remote.

It might have Siri for voice commands.

The BuzzFeed report and several rumours before it suggested that Siri could also be included.

Siri on the new Apple TV may allow you to navigate around the user interface using your voice. For example, you could command the Apple TV to go to the Netflix app without touching the remote.

You could be using your favourite apps from the App Store.

We could see the App Store in the new Apple TV, which means we might be able to use our favourite iOS apps on our TVs, including games.

With the current Apple TV, we're pretty limited to the video channels on offer, so access to the App Store could give the new device much more functionality and use.

It will have a faster processor.

The A8 processor of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is shown during a product teardown by iFixit in Melbourne, Australia

The current Apple TV's current insides are getting relatively old, which leads to relatively sluggish performance. It would make sense that Apple would use new components, and rumours have floated around that the new Apple TV will have the same A8 chip that's in the iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Along with faster performance for general use, and perhaps even games from the App Store, an A8 chip could mean that the Apple TV could output ultra-high definition 4K video content to compatible TVs.

Apple scrapped plans to build an television set.

For years there were rumours that Apple was building a television set. But according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal, the project was scrapped in 2014. It seems like Apple will stick to the set-top box and streaming live TV service instead.

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