Apple's latest iPhone 6 ad goes back to showing off the camera

Over the past few months, you can’t have failed to notice Apple’s huge “Shot on an iPhone 6” global outdoor advertising campaign.

It was so successful, Apple won one of the most coveted advertising awards there is — a Cannes Lions Grand Prix
— for the campaign back in June.

Now Apple is returning to showing off the quality of its camera with a new 30-second TV ad (above), as part of its latest “If it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” marketing series. We first spotted the new commercial on 9to5Mac.

Set to the soundtrack of “Be With You” by Giraffe, the ad doesn’t show any people actually taking photos or shooting video, but instead displays imagery on a series of iPhone 6 screens.

As with the other spots in this series, this ad is functional rather than emotional. It’s stylish, but doesn’t really make you feel anything.

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