A new app will help you 'ghost' the people you want to avoid

Many of us have been on the giving (or receiving) end of “ghosting”
— the act of avoiding someone until they get a clue and stop contacting you.

Sometimes it’s a necessary evil to get that creepy guy from the bar to stop texting. Other times, ignoring someone who genuinely likes you (but you aren’t into) can make you feel really guilty.

But luckily, there’s a new app that’s willing to take on the burden of ghosting someone for you.

Ghostbot is a text message autoresponder created by Burner (an app that gives you access to a bunch of different phone numbers), voice interface app maker Voxable, and screenwriter Peter Miriani.

GhostbotBurnerAdd unwanted numbers to Ghostbot (left) and then sit back and watch it take over ‘ghost’ texting for you (right)

Users can add a phone number they want to avoid, and then the bot takes care of the rest. The app replies to texts with “humour, effective disengagement tactics, and a touch of artistry.”

The app uses a third party platform that has been trained to understand intents and to learn from experience, so that means it can figure out if the text it receives is a booty call, pick-up line or rude comment.

Ghostbot replies to these unwanted texts at random intervals in conversational and funny language. Supposedly, the “ghostee” can’t even tell that he or she is talking to a robot.

So for those who are bad at avoiding unwanted texts, or you just can’t be bothered, this app could potentially be a good solution. But for the rest of us, we might be relegated to continuing to politely reply to the person who just doesn’t get it.

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