New AOL May Axe New Netscape Digg Clone


That Netscape Digg-clone AOL launched last year, when Jason Calacanis was astounding observers by operating within a massive Fortune 500 conglomerate for more than a few days?  Toast.  Or so says Mr. Arrington, adding that Netscape folks are “completely freaked out.”

It’s unclear as to why the site might be scrapped or changed, TechCrunch continues. and are controlled by different groups with AOL [typical–and idiotic]. At the very least a turf war of some kind is playing a part [also typical]. And since Netscape’s primary champion, Jason Calacanis, left the company late last year to start a new


, it may leave the social news property without enough clout to protect itself.

Since acquiring the wreckage of Internet pioneer Netscape in the late 90s, AOL has just rolled out one failed revival scheme after another.  It’s too bad.  Netscape is still an iconic Internet brand.  If AOL can’t figure out what to do with it, they should just sell it to someone who can.