Tyson Foods Wants Ad Agency To Fight 'Pink Slime' Reputation—Here's Today's Ad Brief

Agent Provocateur has joined forces with The Pencil Agency to create an ad suggesting that bag snatchers are most effectively pursued when in lingerie. What better distraction to a thief on the run than cleavage? Watch the ad above. Provocateur, you will remember, created one of the worst ads of 2011, the deranged lesbian horror-fest “Fleurs du Mal

Tyson Foods, one of the world’s largest chicken, beef, and pork processors and marketers, is looking for a communications and issues management shop. While the spokesman said that this isn’t tied to any “single issues,” the whole pink slime incident probably has something to do with it.

French’s is starting a campaign to make people think of mustard as an ingredient that can go inside of food, rather than just on top of it. Although more Americans have ketchup than mustard in their homes (95 vs 90 per cent), they are also more likely to cook with mustard than ketchup (43 vs 37). Ads airing in mustard-friendly summertime show couples making salmon with mustard sauces and other creative recipes.

P&G’s Tide has teamed up with the NFL and its 32 team franchises for the 2012 season. 

Michael Thomas has made his return to Deutsch NY as SVP, Director of Data Analytics. Thomas worked at the agency as an Effects Planning Director before going to mcgarrybowen in 2010, but he has now boomeranged back to Deutsch.

B-Reel and RPA have made a web gaming experience for the Acura featuring The Avengers.

Agency Spy reports that Sid Lee, a Montreal-based shop that does work for Adidas, might be opening up a New York location.

Unilever and Deutsch NY have created an ad for Sure deodorant for women who sweat unapologetically. 

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