The RBA announced the new Australian $20 note with a thoroughly awkward video of Philip Lowe buying a bag of bananas

(Photo YouTube / Reserve Bank of Australia)

The new Australian $20 note has been released into circulation, and to prove it is indeed legal tender, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has posted a video of governor Philip Lowe using it to buy a bag of bananas.

Thank you, RBA.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Mr Lowe is not a frequent purchaser of fruit from stalls in the street, but as a nation we appreciate his effort to make the transaction appear natural.

In a statement posted to its website yesterday, the Reserve Bank announced the new $20 note – or lobster, if you prefer – would find itself in the hands of punters from Wednesday, following the upgrades of the $5, $10, and $50 notes.

“The new banknote continues to celebrate ingenuity and entrepreneurship, recognising the founder of the world’s first aerial medical service now known as the Royal Flying Doctor Service, Reverend John Flynn and convict turned astute businessperson Mary Reibey,” the statement reads.

“The new banknotes also has a ‘tactile’ feature to help people who are blind or who have low vision to distinguish between different denominations of banknotes.”

Here’s what it looks like. Feel confident you’ll be able to spot one in the wild, should the situation demand it.

The RBA’s “next generation banknote program” kicked off with the rollout of the new $5 note in September 2016. Every denomination save for the $100 has now been updated, with the RBA set to bring the famed green demon up to standard in 2020.

The upgrades, aside from featuring new designs and increased tactility for the vision-impaired, are also purportedly significantly tougher to counterfeit thanks to a series of security features.

The RBA says the existing $20 banknotes will be will be “withdrawn from circulation over time”.

Speaking on the new banknotes, Lowe described his favourite features. “This is a fantastic new banknote, with world-leading security technology and iconic imagery.

“Among my favourite features are the top-to-bottom window and the kookaburra, whose wings move up and down as you tilt the banknote.”

But no comment on the bananas.