“Never Wrong” Charles Nenner Was A Bull In 2008 (VIDEO)

The other day, we pointed out a fantastic exchange on CNBC between market forecaster Charles Nenner and Mark Haines. After Nenner claimed that his “Nenner Cycles” were never wrong in forecasting the market, Mark Haines shot back, asking why he didn’t own the world if he could forecast the market with such accuracy.

He said something about how he was more of an academic, and that his desire is to teach. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just that he gets things wrong. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t own the world. Here’s a video from early last year, in which he says there’s nothing the government can do to improve or weaken the economy, and that 2008 would end up basically flat, with a re-test of the 2007 lows. Not so much.

Has anyone else seen the movie Pi? Compare the trailer to the above video.