There's one thing you should never do if you're losing your hair

Comb OverWarner Bros.This combover is dramatized, but it’s really not too far off from the real thing.

Every guy who starts losing his hair eventually must make a choice: do you attempt to disguise it, fight it, or shave it all off and own the look?

Either way, here’s what you should never do: a combover.

Combovers, as anyone who has eyes would tell you, don’t actually hide anything. The long strands actually do the opposite, highlighting the bald head underneath.

The way a combover theoretically works is that you try to “teach” your hair, which naturally wants to grown down, to grow across your head instead to cover the bald spot.

This makes the strings of hair look wiry and limp. It usually moves the parting of the hair to a section lower on your head, so that more hair can be used as cover. This has the effect of making not only the balding spot look larger, but your head larger as well.

Basically, it’s really not a good look.

What else can men do to avoid the combover? We’ve recommended some haircuts that balding men can use to lessen the effects of balding without shaving it off, but a shaved or close-cropped buzz cut can also work very well provided you have the scalp for it.

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